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School website and access to the Qschools app


Information for parents and carers

Carbrook's website has been designed by the Websites for Schools division of Education Queensland. The purpose of the website is for our school ​​to link to the Qschools smartphone app and have a twitter feed to promote school events.

We encourage all parents that have a mobile phone or mobile device to download the Qschools app.

The QSchools app is a convenient way to receive up-to-the-minute information from and about schools. The app is designed to integrate with Carbrook’s Websites for Schools website and is automatically updated when our school updates the website with the latest news, newsletters, events and information. 

App users can also access P&C information, class times and school social media pages that are available on the school's website. Emergency announcements, such as information about natural disasters and school closures, are published via the app.

The app is particularly useful to parents who have students in different schools, as the app manages updates from multiple schools in a single view.

Type in the search bar qschools
click and install this free app.
All Queensland state schools are searchable via the app, however only schools who have upgraded their school website with Websites for Schools, as Carbrook has done will benefit from all the features of the app.

Following us on Twitter

On our school website you will notice that we have a link to follow us on twitter. The benefit of having a twitter feed is to promote special events that occur in our school such as Mike Willesee’s visit to our school yesterday. This keeps the school community up to date with events that are happening in our school and is particularly beneficial for those parents that cannot get up to the school for special events etc to keep in touch will what is happening in our school.

Please sign up as a follower and stay in tune with what is happening at Carbrook. Here is the link to our twitter account.

It is departmental policy that in order to release photos, videos, materials or personal information of students that we obtain parent consent.  If you are not aware of signing a permission form, please see the office.

In addition, as a school we need to maintain a current database of contact details and therefore we request that you fill out the below slip with your current email address and return it to your child’s class teacher.  If you do not have an email address or choose not to supply it to the school, can you please contact the school regarding this.


Please be aware that our school newsletter will be uploaded to our school website every third Friday of each month. Please check our school website for up to date information and current news regarding school events.




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