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Principal’s welcome

On behalf of the school community – staff, students and parents- I welcome you to the Carbrook State School community. We are proud of our school and I trust that it will not be long before you also feel the same pride and sense of belonging we enjoy.

We know you are interested in your child’s education and we will do our best to give opportunity for your involvement in school activities and be informed about the progress your child is making. Please consider this school as your school where you are welcome to become involved on a regular or casual basis.

Here, we are aware that everyone thrives on positive interaction, fun, continual learning and success, so we enjoy the opportunity to work with you in partnership in the education process. Our school motto, 'Success with Effort', applies to your part in school life as well as to your child’s part in their learning. You will reap from the school what you put into it. There will be many opportunities for you to contribute one way or another. Your support of the policies, procedures and values of this school is most appreciated.

While there may be times that we do not agree on certain issues, it is important that the lines of communication stay open in the spirit of support and understanding. Through open communication, issues can be clarified and opinions expressed to the benefit of all, but most of all to the students.

In choosing Carbrook State School, you have chosen a community that values the success of individuals, celebrates diversity and recognises the importance of community. This website outlines some of the policies and procedures of our school for your information, and though there is much information on this website, it is impossible to cover all areas, so if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and arrange an appointment.

I wish you a close and rewarding association with our school and look forward to working with you and your child at Carbrook State School.

Kim Egan
Principal, Carbrook State School