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Rules and policies

If you cannot download the rules and policies listed on this page, please contact us and we will provide you with a copy.

Appropriate use of mobile devices

The mobile phone and electronic devices policy (PDF, 71KB) contains information regarding the appropriate use of these devices at Carbrook State School.


The school attendance policy (PDF, 384KB) contains information on the school's process regarding truancy, student and parent responsibilities, and helpful telephone numbers for reporting student absences.


The homework policy (PDF, 45KB) explains the student's general homework responsibilities, according to school year and a healthy school/life balance.

Responsible behaviour

The responsible behaviour plan (PDF, 7MB) explicitly outlines the expectations of behaviour for students and the school's responses to unacceptable behaviour.

Student expectations and usage of iPads

The BYO iPad program (PDF, 323KB) contains information regarding the expectations, usage and student responsibility for their device.

Student dress code

The uniform policy (PDF, 208KB) contains information regarding the expectations of the school uniform at Carbrook State School.

Student illness or injury

Our health and medical issues policy (DOC, 41 KB) details the school's policy for dealing with student illness or injury, and our medication administration process.